WordPress Upgrade Admin Lockout Fix 3.4.1

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WordPress Upgrade Admin Lockout Fix 3.4.1

Disclaimer – I am no WordPress Ninja

The following is what I used to fix the admin login lockout problem that I had when I did an automatic upgrade to WordPress 3.4.1 recently.

The short painful story…

I logged into my site like I have done so many times before as part of my normal maintenance process and just clicked upgrade due to a notification in the interface. As soon as it completed, I got the dreaded…


I got that message with any login or attempts to get to the admin interface. I tried a bunch of things that I thought would work and I was still stuck. So I started doing research and I found an interesting year old post on the WordPress forums (Special thanks to the Wordpress moderator Esmi) that led me to the fix below. One of the things that I did not know is that you can reset your plugins via FTP instructions can be found here.

Here is the fix that worked for me:

  1. Backup all files and folders on the site. *Always a MUST*
  2. Backup the Database file as well *Always a MUST for any upgrades or major changes* You cant go back to something you dont have.
  3. Using the Plugin Reset – (Instructions) I shut down all the plugins
  4. I went to the wordpress site and downloaded the latest files – http://wordpress.org/download/
  5. Unzipped the files and deleted the wp-content folder so that I would not have to recreate my custom content and style changes
  6. Uploaded the other files to my install folder the site overwriting the existing files. I figured if its jacked up i dont needed it.
  7. Log into the site admin page
  8. Click upgrade on the database upgrade request.
  9. Rename the plugin folder undoing the Wordpress instructions found in step 3
  10. Refresh the site in your browser
  11. Begin using the site as normal
I hope that this helps you if you are in need of these steps.

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