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Letting GO… And Helping!

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I Love Helping People

Everyone can #help
Everyone can #help #helping (Photo credit: Raphaellove)

There are so many ways to do so many things that some things that are difficult problems for some are simple to-do list items for others. When you take time to step outside your comfort zone and find someone who may need a friend it can be so rewarding. I have worked with the homeless, people in foreclosure and broken relationships etc. Some individuals just needed a light in the darkness to find there way to the next opportunity. I am just a regular guy with really good intentions. Currently I am volunteering as a Big Brother for the United Way Big Brother Program in my area. If you are in need of help contact me I will do what I can to steer you in the right direction if I cant help you personally.

If you don’t need help but have the urge to do more with your life then there are many options out there. Start close to home by seeing if the local shelter for the homeless needs some help.

You don’t have to go and find a homeless person to help if that is not part of your personality. It can be a simple as calling everyone in your phone list on your cell phone and “Check in”. You would be amazed how something that simple can help you as much as it does them. I know you only have the people you care about on your phone…. Riiiight? I also realize that some may feel that it’s intruding to just cal someone you haven’t spoken to in a couple of years just to say hi. Especially when the last time you spoke to them you were making a bet on the Buffalo Bills winning the Super Bowl. A bet I lost 4 times by the way! But when you think about it there was something about them that made you friends in the first place. Why not see what has happened to that old buddy?

There are also organizations that are looking for all the help they can get:

Wounded Warrior Project

Volunteer Match

Volunteering – HUD

Smart Volunteer

The most valuable commodity that we have in our lives is time. Time cannot be created or destroyed. But when it is give freely with good intention it is a beautiful thing. Yes there have been times when I had the best of intentions and a bucket load of patience, only to realize that the time that I was giving was completely unappreciated and taken for granted. I chalk those situations up to just being lessons learned and to move on to the next opportunity for sharing or giving.

Don’t let the time slip by and then regret what might have been. Start looking for chances to help and share some positivity with someone today. You really never know where it could lead.

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  1. I’m pretty content with my life but I’ve been realizing lately that something has been missing. I’m not giving of myself enough. I know when I reach out beyond myself I always feel better about me.

    Thanks for the great post. It has given me a clear idea of what I need and want to do next in my life – get back to helping other folks!!!!

  2. @Bobby Jo Taylor That is something that I have had to realize myself. That I why I have started to look for as many ways to help people as I possibly can. I believe that you can do a wonderful thing each time you stretch to help someone.

    1. @Bobby Jo – I love the feeling of helping people that are trying to do something with their lives. It is truly motivating to say the least.

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