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Who is Raphael Love?

Raphael Love believes that self-love is the key to realizing success and fulfillment both personally and professionally. As the Founder of The Love Revolution, Raphael dedicates his life to creating a world that champions all men, women, and children living to their full potential. In his personal history, growing up the oldest of two in a single parent home, Raphael learned from his steadfast mother the power of love to transcend any adverse situation.

She courageously removed herself from an abusive relationship knowing that would mean raising her 5 year old son, Raphael and his younger brother as a single parent. She moved the family to Buffalo and created a safe life for her children. From her loving example, Raphael developed over time an inner strength and moral compass rooted in love. Raphael, carried the boyhood experience of being abandoned by his father into his adult years. His journey to self-love saw him through a period of homelessness, followed later by an experience where multiple blood clots in both lungs brought him to brink of death.

It was at that point he took charge of the gift of life he had been taking for granted to that point. It was the combination of experiences that ultimately deepened Raphael’s commitment to mastering his love of self, as he knew only through this mastery would he become the man he knew he could be. Being a believer that each individual’s ability to love themselves where they are was the key to them mastering all the god given talents that are inside each living being, he found that helping others see the greatness became a passion.

With over 22 years high level experience in Corporate Information Technology, Raphael Love seamlessly transitioned into Social Media Optimization and Social Media Management. He professionally manages many client accounts paying a high level of loving attention to detail and customer service. However, there was something that he discovered while assisting clients. He found that certain clients led effortless lives while others struggled with the internal belief that their lives mattered.

This is where The Love Revolution began…

By leveraging his life personal and corporate experiences, he started living his passion helping others do the same. Teaching others to harness the power of love to turn their situations around and make an impact on the world. Through this work he has been exposed to many people from vast walks of life. He holds a great deal of respect for each person that crosses his path. Realizing that it is both his mission and namesake to help people heal and move forward in their lives with love. He has always drawn inspiration from those who are passionate about their mission in life and desire to achieve more.Raphael Love is also frequently in demand as an entertaining and inspiring Trainer and Speaker. Raphael Love has previously presented on the topics of Leadership, Workflow Improvement, IT optimization, Communication and Security to groups and executives at numerous corporate events. With a smile and positive attitude that is infectious, audiences are  touched and inspired by his story of struggle, growth and and evolution by connecting to oneself through love.

He is a self-confessed “lifelong learner” who believes that “the more you know the more you love the more you can achieve and thrive in peace. He continues to invest his time in personal development, the study of Neuro Linguistic Sciences, enjoyment of life and relaxation. He has a fast growing following to his “Doctah” Love Podcast radio show, which features interviews with thought provoking and inspirational individuals who demonstrate that any challenge can be overcome.

We are all teachers and have stories that are examples of what we are here to learn. These lessons lead to the things that we are here to teach to others.Raphael Love

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